Don’t get stuck in the cold!

If you’re like most RV enthusiasts in Texas, then you probably don’t use your RV’s furnace very often, at least when you’re in the state. The majority of RV owners want to get out and explore our great country, however, and this means that you will almost certainly need to use your RV’s furnace at one point or another. Maybe you have plans to go up to Seattle during the fall, or maybe you want to go skiing in Colorado during the peak of the season. Wherever you go, you don’t want to be stuck in the cold.

At MobileTech RV Repair, we can provide you with RV furnace repairs for a variety of furnace types. Many older RVs have direct discharge furnaces, which work in the same way that your car’s furnace does. You’ll find these furnaces in older and smaller RVs, as they’re not quite as effective for maintaining the temperature in a large environment. Contemporary RVs often use ducted furnaces to keep their interiors comfortable, and these furnaces work similarly to your home’s HVAC system. Your RV probably has a thermostat somewhere on the wall that allows you to set a desired temperature, and vents around the RV provide you with warm air whenever you need it. If you’re not sure about which kind of furnace is in your RV, then just ask our experts when you schedule RV maintenance.

Reliable RV Maintenance in Houston

If you have a direct discharge furnace or a ducted furnace in your RV that needs to be repaired, then get in touch with MobileTech RV Repair to schedule an RV furnace repair appointment. We can help you diagnose and fix the problem quickly, and we can also make a recommendation if you would be better off purchasing a replacement. While RV furnace repairs can generally fix the problem, it’s sometimes in your interest to purchase a new unit instead of purchasing more repairs in the near future.